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 Minato Namikaze

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Минато Намиказе

Минато Намиказе

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Minato Namikaze   Съб Окт 10, 2009 3:27 pm


The Fourth Hokage of Konoha was the Jounin who trained Kakashi and he was the one who defeated Kyuubi by sealing him inside Naruto’s body. In chapter 367 of the manga, the Yondaime’s name was finally revealed - Minato Namikaze. His surname, Namikaze means wind and waves or discord. The first symbol, nami is the word in Japanese for waves, and the second kanji, kaze means wind, hence the translation. It is rather fitting a surname, considering that Minato was known for his quick speed on the battlefield, as quick as wind.
he most dangerous thing about Minato was his insane speed, gained thanks to his Body Flicker Jutsu (Shunshin no Jutsu). This jutsu instantly transports him to anyplace he wants, hence the nickname “Yellow Flash of Konoha” and can be used over long distances as long as he knows exactly where he’s going. Another jutsu that Minato uses involes special kunais. These kunais are made so wherever they are thrown, the 4th Hokage can immediately teleport to its location. This technique is particularly effective on large numbers of enemies; Minato will simply distribute his special kunai to ally ninja and tell them to throw them at different targets at the same time, then simply teleport to the location and finish off his opponents. This attack can literally defeats a whole army almost instantly. Minato is also one of only four people in the Naruto world able to use the Rasengan, as well as its creator. While we don’t know the peculiars of the Rasengan’s birth, we do know it took Minato three years to perfect the technique. Based on Gamabunta’s testimony we also know that Minato was able to use the Summoning Jutsu to summon frogs just like his teacher. As a last resort Minato has the ability to call on the most power and most dangerous Jutsu that he himself created, the Demonic Soul Seal, the Jutsu that sealed Kyuubi inside Naruto
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Minato Namikaze
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